Max-K: How a StartUp Launches a Printer with AstroPrint and Google Assistant

Last month, Max-K (Emot3D), a start-up manufacturer based in Mexico, presented its new 3D printer at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The printer comes with Google Assistant and it’s powered by AstroPrint software. Thanks to both integrations, the 3D printer can be controlled from any device and print with a few clicks. In addition, you can control multiple printers from one device and execute voice commands specific to the 3D printer such as bed leveling.

We asked Jose Luis Ku, founder of the company, about his experience making a smart 3D printer:

What problems were you having before you found Astroprint?

“At the beginning, the existing solutions couldn’t complement our printer as an ‘intelligent printer.’ We integrated different sensors but there was an empty space that needed to be filled in terms of user interface, wireless connectivity, dedicated apps, etc.”

“So we tried to make our own solution, but the time and investment necessary to build a software platform was having an impact on the hardware development and its functionalities. It was preventing us from getting to the final product.”

What was different about AstroPrint?

“When we downloaded the AstroPrint software as an accessory and connected it to our printer, it was like having a new printer, completely powerful. At that moment, I knew it had to be integrated with our printer and not as an accessory.”

When hardware meets intelligent software

Max-k has launched a unique printer and we hope to see more models coming up. While the company focuses on making great hardware, AstroPrint will continue to make software improvements to make their 3D printers accessible to everyone.

“Since we partnered with AstroPrint, we can now focus on the hardware, working on industrial solutions as well as solutions for the house. It completely freed us from support, maintenance, and software upgrades. You could say that we are finally standardizing 3D printing like it should be: easy, powerful and reliable.”

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