TresdPro: Launching a Smart 3D Printer with AstroPrint

TresdPro, a Spanish start-up has partnered with AstroPrint to enter the 3D printing arena with the launch of its dual-extruder 3D Printer, the R1. A smart and reliable 3D printer for professionals.

Challenges when launching a new 3D printer

Javier Infantes, CEO of TresdPro, had a clear vision for their 3D printer, it had to be both precise AND reliable to meet the needs of their professional users. However, when it came to software, they encountered some challenges:

“When developing our printer prototype, we couldn’t find any software solutions that would be appealing for the end user. We wanted something easy to use, with a professional look, and reliability.”

Javier wanted best-in-class software for their 3D printer but like most hardware companies, they learned that making their own software from scratch wasn’t as easy as it sounded:

“Due to lack of available solutions, we decided to make our own software stack. We thought it wouldn’t be too complex, however it gave us too many headaches. We invested a lot of time and resources on software development, which prevented us from focusing on other aspects of the business.”

When reliable hardware meets smart software

TresdPro wanted software with smart functionalities, but they needed a solution that was cost efficient and reduced their time to market.

“With AstroPrint we found exactly what we needed. The functionalities of AstroPrint software are endless and they gave us the tools to easily customize the software to meet our specific hardware needs. They gave us great support, answering every question we had during this project.”

“For the end-user, AstroPrint is easy to use and allows the user to control the printer remotely. As a manufacturer, we can now update our settings online, so our customers print with optimal printer settings always. On top of that, we can now upgrade the software of our printers over-the-air.”

“From the moment we started to integrate AstroPrint in our printers, we knew we had hit the mark. Everything was smooth.“

The Results

By combining forces with AstroPrint, TresdPro was able to make a unique smart 3D printer in less time and for a fraction of the typical software development costs.

“Our clients are extremely happy with the ease of use of our printers and the level of control they get. They have seen an increase in productivity thanks to AstroPrint software.”

TresdPro can now focus on what they do best: making great hardware. The company is now working on its new model, the R2, with a larger print volume.

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