MyMiniFactory and Thingiverse apps on AstroBox Touch

Thingiverse and Myminifactory now in AstroBoxTouch!

Can you imagine accessing millions of 3D printable models right from your printer controller?

Stop dreaming…that’s now possible. In our fight against software mediocrity, we have integrated the most popular model repository websites in our touchscreen controller, as user-friendly apps!

No more need to use your computer to search for files. Your printer has now the superpowers to do it.

Would you like to search using a different device? don’t you worry my friend… This touchscreen controller syncs with our cloud browser, desktop, and mobile apps. We got you covered 😉

What This Means For 3D Printing Manufacturers

It doesn’t stop here, we have all the tools for you to make your own apps. For example, create your own printable files and make your own model repository app.  Your customers will have easy access to them, directly from your printer controller. Embed our software in your printer line and start making smart 3D printers 😉 Alternatively, you can offer our AstroBoxTouch as an upgrade to your existing customers.