AstroBoxTouch: New Customization Levels for 3D Printer Manufacturers

Many 3D printer manufacturers are preinstalling AstroPrint software in their printers. Just like Lenovo preinstalls Windows in computers, or Samsung preinstalls Android in phones.

Our goal at AstroPrint is to help manufacturers make smart 3D printers, replacing their antiquated software. But each printer is different and as a manufacturer, you want software tailored for your printers. This is why we are giving you more and more flexibility to customize Astrobox software to meet the specific needs of your Hardware:


We get it, you want your customers to see your beautiful brand right on the touchscreen controller. Don’t you worry, as a manufacturer you have total flexibility to replace the AstroBox logo with your own logo. In addition, you can add links to your filament store.

Utilities Menu

This menu hosts the utilities created by AstroPrint, such as temperatures, fans, movements, printing speed, etc. As a manufacturer, you have the ability to fully personalize this menu. You can:

  1. Rearrange items
  2. Change text and icons
  3. Remove and create new items (see tasks section)
  4. Decide which items will be visible while printing


Tasks allow manufacturers to create custom buttons that will appear in their utilities menu, such as filament load/unload, bed leveling, etc. Manufacturers have complete control over their tasks. As a manufacturer you can:

  1. Choose the task icon
  2. Create the actions that the sequence will follow through the back and next buttons.
  3. Include rich media like images, gifs, and videos in their tasks
  4. Add submenus in the task with unlimited depth