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The Impact of 3D Printing in Schools and Universities

Imagine building something that only existed in your head – and watching it become real, layer by layer. That’s the power of 3D printing! Students are using it to turn their wildest ideas into actual objects, transforming the way they learn.

According to industry experts 3D printing is going to change the world – everything from how doctors treat patients to the way factories make products.

This revolution is starting in the classroom, where the next generation of inventors and problem-solvers is learning to harness this incredible technology. Ready to see how 3D printing is shaking up education? Let’s dive in!

3D printing at school
Pexels: Vanessa Loring

Hands-on Learning: From Idea to Object

You know how sometimes those textbook diagrams can be a little… well, flat? With 3D printing, that all changes. Imagine teaching students how to make a 3D cell model or holding a 3D DNA model you designed yourself! 

Suddenly, all those complex structures make way more sense because you can see them from every angle.This is seriously awesome for subjects like science, engineering, you name it! 

Think about anatomy class – instead of just those old textbook pictures and maybe a few specimens floating in jars, medical students can print detailed models of organs. We’re talking super-precise skulls or a complete 3D model of a human that helps understand our anatomy. It’s a totally different way to learn!

Education 3D printing
Unsplash: Kenny Eliason


Forget just reading about history – 3D printing lets you hold it in your hands! Imagine designing and printing your own ancient Roman coin, feeling its weight and markings, or a miniature medieval castle complete with turrets and a moat. It makes history feel so much more real, doesn’t it?

Architecture Courses

In architecture, 3D models are seriously cool. Instead of just staring at blueprints, students can actually build scaled-down versions of their designs. 

They get hands-on with their creations, which helps them see how everything fits together. And it’s not only the end result that matters – designing the model teaches them loads about software, engineering principles, and how to troubleshoot problems!

Sparking Creativity and Innovation

3D printing is like unlocking a treasure chest of creativity! Imagine being able to build almost anything your mind can come up with. The possibilities are mind-blowing – want your own unique jewelry? Boom, done. A phone case that nobody else has? Easy. How about a working model of that invention idea you’ve been sketching? 3D printing can make it happen!

Seeing their ideas become real fuels a sense of “I can do anything!” in students. Suddenly, their imaginations aren’t just stuck on paper. And who knows, maybe those classroom projects turn into something that actually changes the world for the better!

With AstroPrint, students can take this creativity even further. They can create 3D models within the platform and send them for printing under the supervision of teachers. Unleash the imagination with technology!

Empowering Collaboration and Problem-Solving

3D molecule model projects are awesome for teamwork! Students can work together by splitting up tasks, designing pieces that fit together like a puzzle, or giving each other helpful suggestions. 

Within our platform, we offer the ability for multiple users to connect simultaneously, giving teachers the ability to manage student permissions. They can review and approve or disapprove what is printed on each of the institution’s printers.

They learn to talk through ideas clearly, figure out who’s good at what, and build on each other’s strengths. Things don’t always go perfectly with 3D printing – maybe the design has a little flaw, the printer settings are wonky, or the finished piece needs a bit of sanding. 

This teaches students not to give up but figure out the problem and find creative ways around it. That whole process of trying, fixing, and trying again – that’s a skill they’ll use in all sorts of things, not just 3D printing!

Preparing Students for the Future

Classroom 3D printing
Pexels: Vanessa Loring

3D printing is turning sci-fi into reality, and it’s happening in every industry! It’s a massive market value of $15.8 billion! — and it’s only getting bigger. Giving students hands-on experience with 3D printing in school gives them skills that companies are desperate to find. Let’s talk about all the ways it’s being used:

Artists: Unleashing Creativity and Pushing Boundaries

3D printing lets artists go wild! They can create sculptures with crazy shapes and details that would be impossible with traditional sculpting or painting. Imagine adding lights, moving parts, or different textures to artwork! Plus, artists can 3D print small collections of unique jewelry designs or home decor items, making their amazing art more accessible.

Engineers: Rapid Prototyping and Accelerated Innovation

Waiting weeks for a prototype to be built? Not with 3D printing! Engineers can print complex parts and models in a matter of hours. This lets them test stuff out, spot mistakes right away, and make changes super quickly. It means new products get designed and made faster than ever before.

Architects: Bringing Visions to Life, Detail by Detail

3D printed models are like a crystal ball for architects. They let clients see the whole finished building, down to the tiniest details – landscaping, intricate decorations, even how the rooms look inside! It’s way easier to visualize than looking at blueprints. 

Plus, if the client wants changes, the architect can tweak the model and print out a new one – way faster than rebuilding the old-school way.

Researchers: Tailored Tools for Groundbreaking Discoveries

Think of all those fancy science tools you see in movies – they can be super expensive and hard to get! But with 3D printing, researchers can design and print their own custom tools. 

Need a super-detailed prokaryotic cell 3d model with labels to understand how it works? Done! A molecule model with a specific shape for a chemistry experiment? Printed and ready to go! 

This lets scientists explore totally new ideas without having to wait around for the ‘perfect’ equipment to become available.

Healthcare Professionals: Customized Care and Medical Breakthroughs

3D printing is revolutionizing healthcare! From custom-fit prosthetics and surgical models to cutting-edge tissue engineering, this technology delivers personalized solutions.

University 3D printing
Unsplash: Andrea G.

Imagine a prosthetic designed specifically for your body – a major improvement over generic models. Surgeons can now practice on realistic heart 3D models, ensuring better outcomes for patients.

The possibilities are truly astonishing.

Researchers are exploring 3D bioprinting of living tissues and even organs for transplants , potentially solving the donor shortage crisis. This technology is bringing science fiction to life!

n the classroom, 3D printing sparks excitement and fuels imagination. Students can create incredibly detailed 3D models of animal and plant cells, visualize complex molecules and gain a hands-on understanding of biology.

When students learn how to operate 3D printers and design in 3D, they become part of this burgeoning technological revolution.

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Astroprint service updates

Astroprint service updates: We’re back with enhancements!

Discover the latest Astroprint service updates: strengthening our commitment to you.

Hello makers! 🧑‍🚀

It’s a pleasure for us to be active again, and we’re back stronger than ever! We have many things prepared for you, such as improving the platform and renewing our commitment to you.

Our main mission is to provide the best technical support to our users. We understand the importance of having a reliable team to offer you the help you need. That’s why we want to reiterate that we’re here for you and to address your concerns.

To conclude, on our journey to strengthen and improve our services, we’re excited to announce that we’ve joined forces with PRINT&GO to offer better solutions to our customers. While this is a significant change, we want to assure you that our commitment to you is as strong as ever.

We’re excited about what the future holds, and we appreciate all your support and trust in us!

Stay tuned for more updates.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact page. We’re here to help you!

Greetings & Happy Printing!

Astroprint Team

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AstroBoxTouch: New Customization Levels for 3D Printer Manufacturers

Many 3D printer manufacturers are preinstalling AstroPrint software in their printers. Just like Lenovo preinstalls Windows in computers, or Samsung preinstalls Android in phones.

Our goal at AstroPrint is to help manufacturers make smart 3D printers, replacing their antiquated software. But each printer is different and as a manufacturer, you want software tailored for your printers. This is why we are giving you more and more flexibility to customize Astrobox software to meet the specific needs of your Hardware:



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Toy Maker App for Android and iOS: 3D Print Toys at home

Toy Maker: An easy way for children to print toys (and learn 3D Printing) at home

how to print 3d toys at home with Toy maker App

A case study in 3D Printable content delivery

Most people are aware that AstroPrint is a robust cloud platform for managing and monitoring Desktop 3D Printer(s).

What many don’t realize is that AstroPrint is also a very efficient content delivery platform for 3D Printable content.

It is one of the best ways for designers and developers to reach Desktop 3D Printer owners around the world.

In fact, AstroPrint is PERFECT for content distribution.

AstroPrint’s content delivery infrastructure is a bit like Google Play, except, instead of smartphones, our focus is Desktop 3D Printers.

Anyone can use the AstroPrint API to reach thousands of Desktop 3D Printer owners worldwide.

The Toy maker app is a real world example of how content delivery can work on AstroPrint.


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AstroPrint Desktop: A Cross platform desktop app for rotating and scaling your 3D Printable designs

Rotate, Scale, and Print your designs with AstroPrint Desktop

AstroPrint Desktop

I’d like to officially introduce you to our latest creation.

Please welcome, AstroPrint Desktop.

AstroPrint Desktop
is a cross-platform, cloud-enabled Desktop app that allows you to manipulate and print designs locally and via the cloud

AstroPrint Desktop allows you to print to your 3D Printer via USB without needing an AstroBox Gateway.

Meanwhile, if you are an existing AstroPrint user, AstroPrint Desktop will extend your capabilities even further and make your workflow much more pleasant.


Sticking to our goal in making 3D Printing accessible to more and more people, AstroPrint Desktop is another pillar in the master plan.

So, what can AstroPrint Desktop do?


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The Ultimate 3D Printing Cheat Sheet

People love buffets.

Buffets allow the indecisive to skip and hop around without guilt or committing to just one boring dish.

A quick taste here, a sample there.

It’s a fun time.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have compiled such a buffet just for you.

It is a very special kind of buffet, in that, it contains all of the 3D Printing resources you would ever need.

A magnum opus, an ultimate (and evolving) index of everything 3D Printing — hand curated, JUST FOR YOU.

In layman’s terms: It is the Ultimate 3D Printing Cheat Sheet – one you can re-visit over and over again to find exactly what you need.

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Print your queues with your 3D Printer

New App! Create & Modify STL’s with the Leopoly APP

The Free Leopoly APP is now available on the AstroPrint APP Store. If you are not familiar, Leopoly is a well-known tool designed to make 3D design super simple – especially if you are not too familiar with common CAD software. If you don’t have the time to crawl over steep learning curves prevalent in popular CAD software like SolidWorks, Blender etc., you should find the

If you don’t have the time to crawl over steep learning curves prevalent in popular CAD software like SolidWorks, Blender etc., you should find the

If you don’t have the time to crawl over steep learning curves prevalent in popular CAD software like SolidWorks, Blender etc., you should find the Leopoly APP to be quite handy – especially in importing and modifying your STL files directly inside your AstroPrint cloud account.

LEOPOLY 3D Design APP on AstroPrint


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AstroPrint or OctoPrint? OctoPrint alternatives

Choosing Which 3D Printing Software to Use: OctoPrint or AstroPrint?

New guidelines are available in the learning center


All 3D printers need host software to function. Host software is responsible for sending the actual commands to the 3D printer that tell the printer how to build an object. Most host software communicates with the printer via a wired USB connection. For most 3D printers, a computer running the host software must stay connected to the 3D printer at all times during use.

An increasing number of 3D printer operators are looking for ways to use their 3D printers remotely. Wireless 3D printing has a number of advantages over the traditional wired setup:

  • The 3D printer can be placed away from the operator’s work area, which reduces disruptive noises and smells generated by all 3D printers.
  • Reducing the number of cords provides a cleaner setup.
  • The 3D printer can be operated and monitored with a phone or tablet that is not normally capable of running host software.
  • Sharing a 3D printer is easier as it does not require sharing the connected computer.
  • The 3D printer can be operated from anywhere in the world over the internet.


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Accelerating universal access to 3D Printing

“Modern technology is creating a society of such complex diversity and richness that most people have a greater range of personal choice, wider experience and a more highly developed sense of self-worth than ever before. For the first time, the common man has the opportunity to establish his own identity, to determine who he will be.” -Buckminster Fuller (1970)

3D Printing may not yet be ubiquitous in consumer homes, but that day is approaching fast.

However, we have a bit of a problem with mass adoption of 3D Printing: it’s not such a pleasant experience for the average non-techie consumer.

Meaning, at the moment, the software required to operate these 3D Printers is incredibly complicated and unreliable.


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