AstroPrint Tip 4 (of 5): The Space Station – All About 3D Printing Apps

This is part of our Getting Started series that our space monkeys email to new users.

Hi AstroPrint-ers,

This is tip #4 in a series of 5 Getting Started tips designed to make 3D printing easy and fun.

Welcome to the AstroPrint Space Station (aka the AstroPrint App store). This is where developers, designers, and sometimes aliens, all come together to offer you amazing apps for your 3D printer.

Here are the most common types of apps you are likely to encounter:

  • 3D Design Marketplaces – may offer literally millions of 3D models that you can print with a single click. Some examples include Thingiverse and CGTrader.
  • CAD tools – (computer assisted design) that let users create and modify designs before printing, all from the comfort of their AstroPrint cockpit. No need to download and learn complicated programs. A great place to start is 3D Slash, a Minecraft style CAD tool that lets anyone design and print, regardless of technical skill.
  • 3D Printing Utilities – that simply make your 3D printer more awesome. App examples include Remote Printer Monitoring, Advanced File Repair (powered by Materialise), and engineering grade structural analysis of designs.

The AstroPrint app store is powered by amazing developers and designers that are creating the next generation of 3D printing tools, games, utilities, and more. Just like the early days of the Smartphone App stores, no one knows what magical applications these developers will think of next. Keep checking in to see what they dream up!

Check Out Some 3D Printing Apps Here

See you at the Space Station! Over and out,

The AstroPrint Team


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