AstroPrint Rocket 3D Printer Stress Test

We’re excited to release our first 3D Printable AstroPrint logo! And it works as a calibration and stress test too!

This new rocket is a challenging tool to test the filament and calibration of your 3D printer. It has small details, overhangs and smooth curves, so you can push your printer to the limit.

Inspired by our logo, the 3D printed rocket has the following features:

Stress and Calibration Test for 3D Printers


Smooth curves

The smoke cloud is made of little spheres, which check the roundness of your printed object. You can change the speed settings (slower) if they are deformed.

Small angles

The two fins do a curve that shouldn’t need supports to be printed. They fulfill acute angles as well, challenging the capability of performing a uniform extrusion. If they seem moved, you have to check the height of the extruder and recalibrate it. Also it could be a temperature problem, so try a cooler temp.

Little details

The circles, triangles and stripes of the lower part of the rocket are small details, ideal to explore the quality of your print. Try printing the rocket in a super reduced scale and see how they come out!


The edge, and the letters, tests are small, but enough to check the overhangs. If you can read the name of the best 3D platform in the world at the back of the rocket, then your printer is doing great!


The big window needs a minimum 20% infill so the layers can support the round surface. Find the infill percentage that holds these structures perfectly for your printer to reduce printing problems in other prints.

Bridges and details orientation

The triangles and the stripes of the nose cone are distributed 360º along the figure, making the printer work in all directions.


The height of the figure is 106 mm, and from one fin to another is 57 mm.  If you printer is calibrated properly, the scale should come out correct.

AstroPrint Rocket 3D Model

It should be printed with a 0.2 mm or less layer height, 20% infill, and does not need supports.

Feel free to make, share, and upload the results with a description of your print settings on our social media pages!

Our monkeys are working on a multi-part STL version, so it can be assembled in different colors 🙂

Download from:

Download on Thingiverse       Download on MyMiniFactory