Goodbye to monochrome lcd screens

3D Printers: The Death of Monochrome Display

Many companies are trying to sell 3d printers as the future of technology… with a blue LCD screen from the 80’s. Today, 3D printers are the only piece of technology that comes with such an antiquated user interface. But, do we really think that 3D printers can go mainstream while they come with the old monochrome display?

3D printers are getting smarter and the old monochrome display is getting antiquated. In this article, we analyze what companies are upgrading their screens to make their printers more user-friendly but why most manufacturers struggle to make their own software innovations.

AstroPrint touchscreen software for 3D printer manufacturers

Finally, we introduce our new disruptive product: Touchscreen Software for Manufacturers. What happens when there is no need to create software from scratch anymore? What if every manufacturer could easily upgrade their 3D printer line with a user-friendly operating system that is cloud-connected and syncs with a whole 3D printing ecosystem?

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