Maintenance scheduled to push new features


HEADS UP! We have maintenance in the AstroPrint Cloud scheduled for Monday Jan 13th starting on 1am (PST), 4am (EST), 10am (CET). The maintenance window will be around 1 hour. Your AstroPrint service will be disrupted during this period with several moments of complete service shutdown.

Want live updates?

We will update live during that time via our Twitter account.

What is going to be done?

We’re pushing major upgrades to the AstroPrint service infrastructure, as well as updating the software with security and performance patches. Most of this will not affect how you use AstroPrint in the future, these are ‘behind the scenes’ updates.

What you will notice after the update: We will be introducing new features such as a new File Manager and Fleet Management Plans.

Why is this needed?

AstroPrint is growing quickly! These upgrades to our infrastructure will allow us to better scale the AstroPrint service you know and love! This will help us serve more users faster, as well as implement more advanced features in the future.

What happens to my data?

Your data is safe during the transition. Once the service resumes you should not notice any changes.

What to watch out for:

The changes to our infrastructure and software are significant. We have tested them extensively but it’s possible that we missed something that will surface during the days following the upgrade. Please report anything out of the ordinary via support tickets.