AstroPrint announces free service for Hospitals and Universities during the COVID-19 crisis

Dear AstroPrinters and 3D Printing community,

Now more than ever we are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. We decided last week to temporarily close our offices for the safety of our employees during the C19 crisis. However, you should know that we are staying 100% operational. We are lucky enough to be able to fully operate via remote working and we are still 100% dedicated to offering you the same quality of service we always do.

  • Our team is still available for support
  • Our service is still operating at full capacity
  • We are still focused on helping you get the most out of your 3D Printers

University crisis support

With nearly all Universities and schools closing their doors for the rest of the school year, and moving to online education, programs that involve 3D printing are having some very specific challenges. Students in programs such as Engineering, Architecture, and STEM programs often have to 3D print their assignments. Traditional 3D Printer labs require people to congregate, which means, they have mostly been shut down. In order to prevent these labs from having to shut down, AstroPrint is offering its Fleet Management software free of charge to any University, College, or school that wishes to use it, as long as the crises lasts.

A number of Universities and schools are already using AstroPrint to manage their 3D Printer Farms in a way where students do not need to interact with other students. They can submit files remotely into Group Queues, then the local printer-lab technician can print their files for them. This technician then uses the software to manage all the Group Queues, manage the farm of printers (1 person can manage 50+ printers), notify the student of the objects’ status, then mail the printed object to the student. This effectively removes the need for human to human contact in the entire process.

Hospital crisis support

In addition, AstroPrint is offering their software free of charge to any hospital, medical facility, or community efforts involved in the C19 crisis. We have heard about the 3d printed respiratory valve which is being used in some Italian hospitals. They were unable to get more valves in stock, and these 3D Printed valves have been saving lives. We recently reached out, and offered our help, to the amazing OSVentilator project.

We are convinced there is much more that can be achieved with the help of the great 3D Printing community. If you believe your facility can benefit in any way from our platform, please contact us by filling out the form via

Stay safe,
Drew Taylor – Founder of AstroPrint