AstroPrint Powered 3D Printers at NY MakerFaire!

Last weekend, we walked around the NY MakerFaire and had the pleasure to see the first AstroPrint powered 3D printer that appears in public. Yay!

Our friends at IMADE3D showed a prototype of their new JellyBox printer running AstroPrint software.  This colorful printer allows students to learn about 3D printing by building their own printer. Unlike most DIY 3D printers, this one is actually easy and fun to build.

One of the challenges after students build the printer is to get them excited about printing things. Until now, engineering grade software and horrible user interfaces haven’t helped with this. People can get discouraged by non-intuitive UIs, lack of networking capabilities and the time-consuming process of going from CAD file to physical object.

This is where AstroPrint comes to help💪. Students can now print files right from the touchscreen, controlling and monitoring remotely and much more. Basically, they now fall in love when they build the printer, and when they use it 😍😍

We’ll be announcing more partnerships over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!



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Cura vs. Slic3r Performance

This post originally appeared in Kevin Weirauch’s blog.


Printrbot Simple Maker Edition – this actually started as the original Printrbot Simple and I used the Makers Upgrade kit to get it to this version. See some of my previous posts for that process.

Custom Heated Bed – I hacked this to mount under the aluminum print bed. About 1/4 inch had to be cut from either side and of course a separate power supply had to be used.


Astroprint – fresh off their successful Kickstarter campaign, I decided to run their ‘cloud slicer’ through its paces. They offer both Cura and Slic3r configurations. I can’t attest to what their settings are, but for the purposes of this test, it’s best that they are constant.


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