AstroPrint Print Preview, Notes, File Renaming & Tweak Settings

How to add Notes, Tweak Settings, Rename Files & Preview Prints

We’ve released a bunch of features that should make 3D Printing a bit smoother on AstroPrint.

These features aren’t necessarily huge, but it should certainly make your workflow easier.

While a few of these features (like Print Preview) are fairly obvious, unavoidable and straightforward — a couple of them (namely, Notes and Tweak Settings) are a bit hidden on the platform.

Here’s a quick summary of what we will cover:

  1. Print Preview – When you are trying to print a file, the Print Preview screen will give you an estimate of how long the print will take along with options to discard the print file and check to make sure your bed is clear.
  2. Notes – You now have the ability to include custom notes on any print file(s) for additional clarity in organizing your files
  3. Tweak Settings – You also have the ability to Tweak Settings from your last print when you are experimenting with settings — without having to start all over again.
  4. Print File Name Changes – Fairly self-explanatory. You can now change the confusing file name(s) on any print file(s).


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Astroprint & Raspberry Pi 3

AstroPrint & Raspberry Pi 3 Support

If you are looking for instructions on How to build your own Astrobox with a Raspberry Pi 3, follow this guide.

AstroPrint currently supports Raspberry Pi 3, but there ARE some caveats, namely: You will need an additional WiFi dongle along with the Raspberry Pi 3’s built-in WiFi.

Why exactly do I need another WiFi dongle when the Raspberry Pi 3 has built in WiFi?

The built-in WiFi on the Raspberry Pi 3 cannot maintain a simultaneous network connection to your WiFi network and broadcast it’s own hotspot like we require on our Astroboxes. Therefore, the built-in Raspberry Pi 3 WiFi is not sufficient for our purposes at this time.

In order to circumvent this, you will need an additional WiFi dongle to make an Astrobox using a Raspberry Pi 3 board.

With that said, the built in Raspberry Pi 3 WiFi is still used.

The need for the additional WiFi dongle is mainly to support hotspot functionality.

Note: If you don’t need hotspot functionality, it is possible to use a Raspberry Pi 3 without a WiFi dongle. You’ll need to be aware of the Astrobox’s IP address while you set it up for the first time using ethernet, though.

If you have any questions or suggestions about any of the above, join us on our forums.

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Feature Updates: Print Preview, Notes, Tweak Settings & Print File Renaming

Live video streaming is now available on Astroprint!

Our latest release, v0.9(0) is finally out!

The major highlights in this release: Raspberry Pi 3 support (read more about this) & Live Video Streaming.

Live Video Streaming is arguably one of the most requested features from our users and we are happy to announce that you now have the ability to watch a live video stream of your 3D Printer from anywhere around the world! This means that you can monitor your prints in real time in full screen and in high definition straight from your AstroPrint dashboard.


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AstroPrint Print Preview, Notes, File Renaming & Tweak Settings

New Feature: Organize your designs with Projects

Why Project Folders?

By popular demand, you now have the ability to neatly organize all of your designs and print files directly inside the File Manager. The need for this feature came out of our users voicing their frustrations on our forums about the difficulty of organizing files within the AstroPrint File Manager.

Our solution is quite simple: Project Folders.

File organization has always been a fundamental necessity in the history of computing, and 3D Printing is no exception.

Being one of the most popular cloud platforms for 3D Printing, organizing design files on AstroPrint is an absolute necessity.

Now, keep in mind that this is only the first version. Meaning, it’s not perfect.

We will be improving this feature in future iterations based on your feedback.

As always, if you have any suggestions on improving the workflow and making this feature more intuitive, please let us know via our forums or on twitter.

This feature is likely going to evolve into one of the most used features of the AstroPrint File Manager.

Enough chitter chatter, so how the heck do you actually use Project Folders?

It’s quite simple. Let me show you how.

Creating a new Project

  • First, you want to fire up the File Manager.


Astroprint File Manager


  • There are two main ways to create a new Project. You can either click the button located on the upper right-hand corner of your screen (next to the Upload button) OR you can simply click the New Project button.


  • Note: Keep in mind that the New Project button only shows up when you have 0 projects. After you have created a Project, you’ll have to use the smaller button on the top right-hand corner to create additional Projects. 


Create new project on Astroprint



  • Once you have clicked either button to create a new project, simply assign a name for your new project. Don’t worry, you can rename this later if you change your mind.


Create new project with AstroPrint


  • Once you create your project(s), you’ll see them ABOVE the rest of your designs in the File Manager in a dedicated section called My Projects. In this section, you can also rename or delete your projects.


Organizing files on astroprint


Moving designs from File Manager to Projects


  • You also have the option of moving existing files from the File Manager to an existing Project Folder. This should be a convenient way to move specific designs into your Project Folder for better organization.


Organizing files on Astroprint

 Moving designs from Projects to File Manager

  • If you’d like to move a design from one of your Project Folders to the File Manager, simply click the circle with the 3 red dots to bring up the context menu, then choose “Remove from Project“. This will remove the file from a Project and place it back in the File Manager.


Removing designs on Astroprint Project folders

Deleting Projects


Delete project folders in AstroPrint


  • Warning: If you remove/delete a Project Folder containing design files, you will lose everything. Just in case you accidentally pressed “Delete” on a Project folder, you’ll be asked for confirmation, however.


How to delete projects on AstroPrint

That’s it!

You have just become a much more organized human being 🙂

If you have any suggestions on improving the workflow of this feature, please let us know via our forums or twitter. As always, we make a concerted effort to incorporate your feedback into future iteration(s) of AstroPrint.

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AstroPrint Print Preview, Notes, File Renaming & Tweak Settings

New App! Create & Modify STL’s with the Leopoly APP

The Free Leopoly APP is now available on the AstroPrint APP Store. If you are not familiar, Leopoly is a well-known tool designed to make 3D design super simple – especially if you are not too familiar with common CAD software. If you don’t have the time to crawl over steep learning curves prevalent in popular CAD software like SolidWorks, Blender etc., you should find the

If you don’t have the time to crawl over steep learning curves prevalent in popular CAD software like SolidWorks, Blender etc., you should find the

If you don’t have the time to crawl over steep learning curves prevalent in popular CAD software like SolidWorks, Blender etc., you should find the Leopoly APP to be quite handy – especially in importing and modifying your STL files directly inside your AstroPrint cloud account.

LEOPOLY 3D Design APP on AstroPrint


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AstroPrint Print Preview, Notes, File Renaming & Tweak Settings

New Feature: Ability to Save Custom Slicer Settings

It is time boys and girls.

One of the most requested features of AstroPrint is now live!

You now have the ability to save your custom slicer settings for future use.


A lot of AstroPrint users experiment and tweak various slicer settings in order to get the desired effect from their prints. This testing process can be a very time consuming ordeal.

Naturally, the problem has remained: After you figure out the most optimum combination of slicer settings for a particular printer, design and material type, what then? Do you write this down on a napkin and stash it away for future use?


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Share 3D Models with Friends or the Public

We’re always pumping out new features here at AstroPrint HQ, but we’re especially excited about this one!  It’s been highly requested and now it’s ready to roll.

As an AstroPrint user, you can now share 3D models through Facebook, Twitter, or a special link.  People that you share a model with can view it, share it, print it, or have it printed through a printing service.

Here’s how it works:

Share 3D Design on AstroPrint1) Find a sharable 3D model in your AstroPrint File Manager.  Sharable 3D models are ones that you have uploaded.  If you imported the model from a marketplace (such as WaterTight, 3DaGoGo, or MyMiniFactory) you will not be able to share the model.  (This is to protect the original designer.)  Click “Share Design.”


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i.materialise Added to AstroPrint Interface

Who hasn’t wanted a gold plated Squirtle? Well, the new partnership with i.materialise has made that dream a reality. i.materialse is all about customizing your 3D designs and does exactly that with 18 different 3D printing materials to choose from. These materials range from wood to silver and have a real time calculator that tells you how much it would cost for them to make your design. You can access the i.materialise 3D printing service via a link under each stl file located in the AstroPrint file manager application. The dropdown menu will have an “Order 3D Print” option that will take you directly to i.materialise and don’t worry your design will be waiting for you when you get there!


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3D Print Completed Notifications

It’s quite normal that a 3D Print job takes hours to complete, even days. But what’s really annoying is not knowing when the object is ready for you to take off the print bed the second it finishes. All that anticipation…

No more delays! AstroPrint has now added a “Print Job Completion” notification. You will get an email the moment your print is ready for you to marvel at. We even include the last photo taken if you had the time lapse feature enabled during printing.


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