AstroPrint announces free service for Hospitals and Universities during the COVID-19 crisis

Dear AstroPrinters and 3D Printing community,

Now more than ever we are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. We decided last week to temporarily close our offices for the safety of our employees during the C19 crisis. However, you should know that we are staying 100% operational. We are lucky enough to be able to fully operate via remote working and we are still 100% dedicated to offering you the same quality of service we always do.

  • Our team is still available for support
  • Our service is still operating at full capacity
  • We are still focused on helping you get the most out of your 3D Printers

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Press Release: Universities and K-12 Schools to Start Beta Testing AstroPrint’s 3D Printing Platform for Education

AstroPrint Press Release – For Immediate Release – October 16, 2019

Hartford, Connecticut – (October 16, 2019)  AstroPrint is launching a bespoke version of it’s popular 3D Printer Management Platform for Universities, K-12 schools and other education institutions, aimed at making 3D printing more accessible to students, increasing the efficiency of school fleets, and reducing related costs in staffing and resources.


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AstroPrint Secures Second Round of Funding to Expand our Business and Enterprise Solutions

Press Release: For Immediate Release

We’ve just concluded a very successful second funding round where AstroPrint raised a total of $1M from two prominent VCs: Stanley Ventures and Alma Mundi Ventures. With this new investment, AstroPrint has raised a total of $2.1M, and we are now poised to grow our 3D printing cloud solution that already serves over 95k users from 130 countries.

Who are the Investors?

Stanley Ventures is the venture capital arm of Fortune 500 company Stanley Black & Decker. Stanley Ventures has invested in several companies in the additive manufacturing space, including an investment in a new Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process (STEP) 3D printing technology.

Alma Mundi Ventures is a tech venture fund based in Madrid with investors in Palo Alto, New York, London, Paris, Barcelona, and Madrid, orchestrating a global network of over 500 members in 41 cities worldwide. Their investments are primarily global tech startups in the United States and in Europe.


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Stanley Black and Decker Partners with AstroPrint to Create a Distributed Network of 3D Printers

AstroPrint Press Release – For Immediate Release – March 13, 2019

Stanley Black & Decker Partners with AstroPrint to Create a Distributed Network of 3D Printers

Hartford, Connecticut – (March 13, 2019)  Today, AstroPrint is announcing a partnership with Stanley Black & Decker (NASDAQ: SWK) to connect, control, and optimize their fleet of 3D printers across multiple facilities. With AstroPrint’s Enterprise Cloud, Stanley Black & Decker will effortlessly automate their Additive Manufacturing systems and workflows on a single platform, ensuring that resources are properly shared and optimized, while gaining actionable intelligence on productivity and growth opportunities.


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AstroPrint Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign, Allowing Anyone to Invest in the Future of 3D Printing

Press Release:

AstroPrint Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign, Allowing Anyone to Invest in the Future of 3D Printing

San Diego, California (September 22, 2017)  –  AstroPrint, a San Diego based technology company, has just launched an Equity Crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform.  This allows nearly anyone to invest as little as $100 into AstroPrint through the online portal at  The campaign can be accessed directly via:

Unlike Product Crowdfunding, Equity Crowdfunding is not focused on launching the next new gadget, but rather on allowing crowdfunders to actually purchase ownership in the company.  Equity Crowdfunding was not possible until recently due to the SEC lifting restrictions on “non-accredited” investors investing in private companies.

Drew Taylor, CEO of AstroPrint explains:  “The idea behind Equity Crowdfunding is very similar to the idea behind ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). In the past, only the wealthy could invest in startup companies, and the general public was specifically excluded. The goal of portals like is to democratize investment in startups allowing anyone to become an investor.  In addition, we’re really excited about our super-fans and other 3D printing enthusiasts finally having the chance to come onboard as owners of AstroPrint!”

Indiegogo, along with their joint venture partner Microventures, began offering Equity Crowdfunding at the end of 2016.  AstroPrint is the 21st company to be approved by Indiegogo and Microventures for this special fundraising track.  Also, AstroPrint is the 2nd predominately 3D printing related startup in the US to seek Equity Crowdfunding.

AstroPrint’s mission is to solve the software problems holding the 3D printing industry back from mass adoption.  They see the industry as being held back by the same issues that held back the computer industry and smartphone industries in their early days.  When Windows standardized software for the computer industry, computers gained mass adoption.  When Android standardized software for the smartphone industry, smartphones gained mass adoption.

According to AstroPrint’s Chief Design Officer, Joshua White, “AstroPrint is standardizing the software for the 3D printing industry with the goal of making 3D printers ‘Apple simple,’ thereby allowing anyone to take advantage of the technology.  This then opens up the technology for use by the general public and allows mass adoption to finally occur.”

AstroPrint will use the funds to expand more rapidly towards their vision of being the “Android of the 3D Printing Industry.”  According to the campaign details, if less than $150K is raised, the proceeds will be directed towards production and distribution of their AstroBox Touch device ( a retail product.  If additional funds are raised, funds will be directed towards company growth through expanding the sales and marketing efforts of the company.

AstroPrint users have printed over 420,000 3D prints on the platform to date.  Represented in this is a 186% increase in usage over the last 12 months.

Press Contact: For information and questions, please email Drew Taylor via:

drew.taylor at astroprint dot com.



AstroPrint is a venture backed company based in San Diego, CA., and is the fastest growing cloud, and content delivery platform in the 3D printing industry. The AstroPrint platform is designed to be simple, elegant, and intuitive for the non-technical 3D Printer Owner. It is currently compatible with ~80% of Desktop 3D Printers on the market. The AstroPrint marketplace also allows brands and developers to deliver content to any 3D Printer owner around the globe with its scalable distribution platform.


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Press Release: AstroPrint Integrates the 3D Slash App, Creating a User-Friendly 3D Platform for Mainstream Users

Press Release


San Diego, CA and Paris, France, August 11, 2015 – AstroPrint, the cloud 3D printing software platform and 3D Slash, the fun and easy-to-use 3D modeling app, announced their partnership today. The combination of these two user-friendly services will provide all users with an engaging and efficient 3D experience.

Free your mind from complex 3D parameters: AstroPrint and 3D Slash collaborate to offer a simple and intuitive 3D experience, accessible both from PC and mobile devices. Users can now easily create, remix, slice, monitor and 3D print anything, anytime, from anywhere.

A great 3D experience for all users
AstroPrint and 3D Slash both offer smart plug & play tools to anyone wishing to work in 3D trouble-free. With this partnership, users can directly access the 3D Slash modeling app from the AstroPrint dashboard. (more…)

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