AstroPrint Free Plans Are Now (optionally) Pay What You Want (PWYW)

Hey AstroPrinter!

First off, thank you all for being such an important part of this amazing journey!

You have relentlessly supported us through two Kickstarter campaigns, an equity crowdfunding campaign, countless product launches – and even a worldwide billboard hit by our in house artist Old Durty Extruder 😜

In short…

You have made AstroPrint the largest and fastest growing cloud platform for 3D printing in the entire world!

As of today, through The AstroPrint Cloud alone, users (like you) have 3D Printed over 1.4 MILLION hours—and have produced over 775,498+ objects!

That’s impressive. 

The AstroPrint team goes through LOTS of caffeine in order to make all of this happen.

System maintenance, bug fixing, feature development, and everything else we do takes a lot of resources – especially when you are as meticulous as our world class engineering team.

With more revenue, we can serve you EVEN BETTER and AT A BIGGER SCALE.

Your ongoing (and optional) financial support lets us:

  1. Code more & Squash More Bugs (including in: AstroPrint Mobile, AstroPrint Desktop etc.)
  2. Provide faster support
  3. Add more features
  4. Add more printers to our compatibility list
  5. Create more instructional tutorials
  6. Partner with 3D Printer Manufacturers
  7. Maintain a growing ecosystem including servers and infrastructure


Starting today, our Free Basic Plan has changed to PWYW (Pay What You Want).

So, in reality, its still free if you want it to be free.

It’s totally up to you.

At AstroPrint we believe heavily in Inclusivity as opposed to exclusivity.

We want to make our platform available to as many people around the world as possible.

In other words —we do not wish to turn you away just because you cannot afford AstroPrint.

You and the rest of the AstroPrint community are incredibly valuable to us, whether you choose to pay for a Basic Plan or not.

Thanks again to everyone in the AstroPrint community for continually helping us drive mass adoption of 3D printing technologies!

You are the reason why we do this 🙏


Drew, CEO of AstroPrint





CEO of AstroPrint

P.S: Got questions? The FAQ below should answer it. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Wait! Is AstroPrint Not Free Anymore? Am I required to pay for the Basic Free Account?

OF COURSE NOT! — We stay up late and run AstroPrint (while fueled by obscene amounts of caffeine) because we love making 3D Printing easier for you. If you can pledge any amount, we’d be humbled that you appreciate our work. While your monthly pledge will make a big difference, if you cannot afford it at the moment, we totally understand.

2.) How much should I pledge?

If you choose to pay $0/month (default) to $9.50/month, you’ll continue to get all the features that come with the free Basic Plan, no penalty, no problem, no worries. If you choose to pay $10/month, we’ll automatically convert your account to a Pro Plan, since that is what a Pro Plan costs anyways.

3.) I got a PRO Plan as a Kickstarter Backer, will I lose my account?

Of course not! You’ll have a PRO account for the rest of your life as promised!

4.) Can I still make a monthly pledge as a Kickstarter Backer?

Absolutely. We would be humbled that you appreciate our work.

5.) Great Idea! How do I sign up?

You can pledge on this page. Thanks! Your ongoing support will help us make even more progress with the AstroPrint software you use. 


Got more questions? Feel free to ask us in the forums.